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Have you ever dreamed you could fly?  Paragliding is that dream.  You can fly as a tandem passenger and experience the purest form of flight man has ever known.  No jumping required; the wing will be fully inflated and flying before you leave the ground.  If you can run a few steps you can fly.  Paragliding is open to nearly anyone weighing less than 250 pounds.


Most tandems are done at Tiger Mountain in Issaquah.  The views are spectacular and conditions often allow for long flights thousands of feet above the ground.  This is, of course, weather dependent, and flight times usually range from 10 to 45 minutes with a typical flight around 20 minutes. We will strive to pick conditions which will offer you the best possible flight but we are subject to the variability of the weather. You can pick the time that works best for you since we offer tandems at 11:30, 2:00, and 4:30. Plan on spending 2-3 hours.  


The most important aspect of flying tandem is picking a pilot with a long career of safe flying.   PARAFLY Paragliding is dedicated to maintaining its impeccable safety record.  Steven Wilson is one of a handful of Master Rated paraglider pilots in the United States, and has flown safely since 1992.  With the proper training, experience, and judgment paragliding can be enjoyed safely by nearly anyone.


"My tandem flight with Steve was incredible! The launch was smooth and easy, and I felt comfortable with Steve throughout the entire flight. He was knowledgeable and safety conscious, while at the same time being patient and reassuring. He took the time to explain the basics of paragliding in a concise way. His expert handling of the wing enabled us to have a long flight and a safe landing. I highly recommend him as a great tandem pilot!"

Tandem Launch at Tiger Mountain

Come soar with the eagles!

Tandem paragliding launch Issaquah

PARAFLY Paragliding offers tandem flights for $250.  Summer weekends tend to fill up fast, so reserve your flight early.  Tandem flights also make great gifts, so call or email for a customizable Gift Certificate.  If you decide to take lessons the cost of your tandem flight will be fully credited towards your training course.  Schedule your tandem flight today!




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