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Training Program   


When you are ready to fly on your own, PARAFLY Paragliding offers complete instruction from the ground up--allowing you to enjoy paragliding safely at any level.  As Seattle's premier paragliding school we offer the most comprehensive, safety-focused training available.  You will start with a tandem flight and progress on to your solo rating as a novice (P2) pilot after 25 solo flights.  Instruction does not stop there.  We will continue to provide instruction and support for your P3 and P4 advanced ratings as you progress.  In order to acquire the skills and knowledge required to achieve your novice (P2) rating you will receive training in a number of ways:

  • Ground Handing:   You can learn much of what you need to fly safely without leaving the ground.  A paraglider can be flown like a large kite and this is where a new pilot learns the complete canopy control which allows them to launch safely.

  • Tandem Flights  You will fly with an experienced pilot and receive hands-on training in the air.  You can experience most of what you will encounter in solo flight in this way and progress quickly and safely as a result.  You will be flying the paraglider and learning how to fly and land safely.

  • Ground School:   You will learn how to read the weather so you can judge appropriate flying conditions.  You will also learn about the mechanics of flight and how you can be as safe a pilot as possible.

  • Solo Flights:   Once you have mastered canopy control on the ground and basic turning and landing in tandems you will be ready for your first solo flights.  After 25 supervised flights you can obtain your P2 rating, but this is only the beginning of your progression in paragliding.   

  • Ongoing Training:   PARAFLY Paragliding will continue to provide support and instruction well after your initial P2 rating as you progress towards more advanced ratings and skills.  Paragliding has been called the simplest form of aviation to learn, but the most difficult to master.    

Fee:  The cost of the program is $2,650.  This includes the use of training gear for ground handling and initial flights, although students are expected to purchase their own before the completion of the P2 rating. A basic package of gear (wing, harness, and reserve parachute) is $3,000-$6,000 depending on whether it is new or used.


Timing:   The time required to complete a P2 certification varies greatly depending on the individual, their schedule and the available flying conditions.  It can be as short as a few weeks or as long as several months.  Our primary concern is safety rather than speed. 

Primary Instructor 

Steven Wilson of Parafly Paragliding


Steven Wilson started flying paragliders in 1992 and has received the highest ratings attainable from the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Master Pilot (P5) and Advance Instructor.  He has also been recognized by the organization for his accident and injury-free flying career.  Steve left a successful business career to share his passion for flying with others, and now teaches and flies in paragliding competitions and events around the world, while at the same time supporting the flying community in Seattle Washington. 


ステブン ウイルソンは日本に12年間住んだ経験がありまして、日本語を話せるよになりました。パラグライダについてご興味のある方どうぞ日本語で連絡下さい。お待ちしています。

PARAFLY Paragliding works with a number of associate instructors for both instruction and tandem flights as the need requires.  This allows PARAFLY Paragliding to offer programs to both individuals and large groups.


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